Winter Promotion



* Terms & Conditions

Offer valid during July, Aug, Sep 2017.

A full vision examination is required.

With every new set of glasses -

select either $80 (incl GST) off OR a fitover sunglass ($84 value)

At the end of your vision examination, if HOYA iD Multifocal lenses are recommended, you make a single draw for free lenses! The result is final. There is one set of lenses to be won in each of the three months. Separate draws will be made at Lincoln Eye and Rolleston Eye.

The free pair of lenses will be one of the following : HOYA iD lenses, Lifestyle V+, Classic, mystyleV+ or workstyle V+, in 1.5,1.53, 1.6 index (thinness) and can be diamond finish reflection free, blue control, diamond finish UV control.

The new lenses will be provided within 30 days of your vision examination. If a blank is drawn you can still consider the $80 discount off a new set of glasses or new glasses with free fitover sunglasses. The offer applies to all ages. The offer does not apply to workplace safety glasses. The offer cannot be combined with other offers from the practice which may be running at the same time.






Our optometrists work at each practice. 


Leesa Stuart and Persephone Cheng are Registered Optometrists who have a full knowledge of vision assessment, management and care.

Persephone  has the therapeutic listing for prescribing for surface eye infections, allergies and red eyes.

Both optometrists share an interest in sight development and the practices are set up to assess children with tests set to provide the necessary information for children and parents. 

We offer the most recent spectacle lenses and the latest in contact lenses.

We are adept at the use of magnifiers and can assess for low vision needs. Additionally, we can refer to the Burwood Low vision clinic where this is useful. We can also register people with the Foundation for the Blind to gain additional support to independent living people.

Registered with:  Enable funding for Spectacles and vision examinations for Children (restrictions apply - please ask us) and Canterbury Health Board for specialist contact lens fitting.Holders: current Annual Practising Certificate for Optometrists from the Opticans Board

Members: New Zealand Association of Optometrists, Cornea & Contact Lens Society of NZ Ltd, Australian College of Behavioural Optometrists.



We have ample off street parking, as well as street parking. 

See "contact us" for location and hours.

Regular vision examinations are recommended throughout life to see with confidence.